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Saturday, May 15, 2010

It has been quite a while since we made any post in this blog, more than two years to be precise. We were busy with some other priorities in life. And all this while we did attract a handful of visitors and few odd encouraging comments. We will try to be regular from now on.

On the banks of the big reservoir on a stormy Saturday evening.

“Derelict by the sands of time” –Old Town of Sambalpur starts from here.

An old Wrecked Church in Binakhandi.

“For all fish lovers. Fresh from the Mahanadi or is there something fishy?” –Zilla School Chhak.

A view from the Dhanupali Bridge. Though I am not sure what the bridge is called.

Meanwhile, do post your comments to keep us going.
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anurag said...

it had been about 2 years i am away from sambalpur but believe me these pics just went like a dart through my heart

Gautam said...

Come Winter...We Are All Set To Explore More Places. This Is Just The Beginning. This Blog Will Magnetize Each And Every Non Resident Sambalpuria To His Home Town. Let Them Explore These Scenic Beauties By Themselves. I Do Believe...Deep In My Heart...We Will Create Opportunities Here Itself. Sambalpur...Our Native Land..Loves Us Immensely And We Will Have To Give Her Something In Return...Thumbs Up To Manoj And Shayan!!
Amar Mait...!!Amar Raij....!!
Enchanting Sambalpur!

gautam1 said...
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Shayan said...

Hey Anurag thanks for your comments.
We will be uploading few more pics in the recent days.
Do visit again.

Shayan said...

Thanks Gautam Da! your comments are really encouraging. And ya not only we'll rock during the winters but also eagerly waiting for the monsoon.

The wild dusty storm, The raging dark clouds,galloping our beloved land... and we stand firm ready to capture it in our 32mm \m/

Akshaya said...

Dear Manoj and Shyam,

Thanks for these lovely pictures. I have used few of them at wikipedia Sambalpur section and due credit has been given to you in the copyright section.

Gautam Supkar said...

This Blog Is Inactive Since Long...Please Post More Pictures...

Abhinay said...

its been around 5 years i am away from sambalpur. but realy i love this pics and made me remember all of old golden day of my home town Sambalpur.

Thanks alot Folks for uploading this pics....